College Admissions

Every school has a unique admissions and financial aid process.

Choosing the Right School

UCLA Campus

StudentAssistUSA will guide you through the process of applying, offer you counseling on school and major selection, and work with you to secure scholarships tailored to your experiences.

The application process is a very important step in your success of being accepted to a United States university. Deadlines, application essays, and test requirements are all equally important to your future education in America. The decision-making process can seem overwhelming, but StudentAssistUSA has all the tools to help you succeed.

Attending Your School of Choice

Stanford Campus

StudentAssistUSA will help you manage all deadlines to ensure all your materials are turned in on time. We provide essay proofreading and feedback by staff with degrees in English and certification in intensive grammar study. StudentAssistUSA can also help you register and prepare for the necessary exams. During this process, we will also meet with you to discuss your career direction and potential majors to help narrow down possible university options. We will spend time with you in the counseling process discussing what you are looking for in a university experience and what your future career goals might be; this will help us decide where you should be applying and how to direct your courses of study.

Being Accepted is Only the Beginning

College Graduate

As an international student we will help you with visa applications, applying for scholarships, language competency tests, and can provide additional English tutoring to help you develop your English comprehension skills. The deadlines and requirements of schools in a foreign country can feel overwhelming, but StudentAssistUSA will be with you the whole way answering questions and following up with you as you complete each step. Contact us today to find out how we can make this process easy and decrease the stress of attending university in the United States.