Academic Services

Facing the challenges of university can be easier with a dedicated advocate on your side.

Test Preparation

Test Preparation

When preparing to study in the United States there are many parts of your education that need attention. English proficiency is paramount when preparing to study in the US. StudentAssistUSA is equipped to provide English tutoring in language and writing skills, math, and other subjects. We will also help you register for all necessary testing as well as provide test prep tutoring to prepare you for the subjects covered in college admissions tests including the Pre-SAT, SAT, TOEFL, and ACT.

Campus Visits

Harvard University Campus

Trying to decide which school to attend is often a hard process. You want to make sure you like the campus and community life, that it has high level programs in what interests you, and that it is in a setting that appeals to you. StudentAssistUSA works hard with you to address all of your concerns about what life will be like at each college and can help plan campus visits for you if you’d like to see any of them in person.

Transferring Schools

Yale Campus

Students transfer schools for many reasons in the United States. Sometimes people transfer because they decide to change their major and need to attend a school with program for their new career path. Other times the setting of the university is too hard to adjust to; for example the school is in a major city and the student needs somewhere quieter with less distractions, or a school is set in the country and the student grew up in a large city and is uncomfortable.

Lastly, there may be academic reasons to transfer schools. If you ever find yourself in the position of needing or wanting to transfer schools, StudentAssistUSA has all the tools and resources to help you apply, secure housing, and move you and your belongings to your new school. All it takes is a phone call or an email to let us know you would like to transfer. We offer counseling services to help you choose a new school and all services to get you there.