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Scott Warmuth

Scott Warmuth is an attorney who seeks to provide access to the law for all communities.


Who is Scott Warmuth?

Scott Warmuth did not always want to be an attorney.  Only after several life-defining moments did Scott realize that he could best serve his community by helping others navigate the intricacies of the law.

Scott was born in Oregon City, Oregon before his family moved to Lake Forest Park, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.  His father David, a regional manager for TV Guide Magazine, was very active in his local community.  David was heavily involved in local business and local politics, traits that would leave a lasting impression on young Scott.  Scott met many community leaders, politicians, and even actors and actresses growing up because of his father’s work.

This exposure to community activity and politics instilled a sense of duty in Scott, leading him to run for the Lake Forest Park City Council after graduating from high school.  Scott was elected at age 18, becoming one of the youngest ever elected officials in the United States.  While he was fulfilling his city council duties, Scott began attending community college to further his education.

While attending community college, Scott worked as an intern for the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Department.  His work centered on helping people who were wronged by large, powerful institutions, fight back.  Scott saw how much good an attorney could do for underrepresented community members.  It was then he realized he wanted to be an attorney.

After community college, Scott was encouraged by a friend to apply for a college program in New York City modeled after a study abroad program.  Scott applied and was chosen as one of seven people to participate.  For two years, Scott lived, studied humanities, and worked in New York City.  His education connected him with the city and its people.  Upon his graduation from college, Scott entered the Peace Corps.

Helping people was always a motivating factor in Scott’s life, and a significant reason for his entry in to the Peace Corps.  In April of 1979, Scott embarked upon the journey of a lifetime to South Korea.  For his first few months, Scott attended language and culture classes before working as a health technician in a small South Korean village near the border with North Korea.  His job in South Korea was to help control outbreaks of tuberculosis.

After several months in South Korea, Scott realized he was not well-suited to healthcare work.  He kept recalling his previous internship and decided he could best help people by pursuing a legal career.  After a year with the Peace Corps in South Korea, Scott returned to the United States to begin his legal education.  In 1980 he enrolled at the University of San Diego School of Law.

Joaquin Lim and Scott Warmuth

Scott graduated from law school in 1983 and subsequently passed the California Bar Exam.  In 1984, he opened his first law office in Monterey Park with a focus on providing legal services to the underserved Chinese community.  During the early years of the law firm, Scott focused mainly on immigration law.  Since then, the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth has expanded his practice areas with a focus on helping local communities access the United States legal system.

StudentAssistUSA.org, an idea co-created by Scott and Joaquin, is a project in which Scott can continue his service.  Scott also created the Warmuth Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to assisting young people meet their educational needs.