Helping international college students thrive in the American educational system from application to graduation and beyond.

An American International Education Foundation (AIEF) initiative.

An Unexpected Spark

Disappointed Students

In 2018, dozens of wealthy families were indicted in a scam to “buy” their child’s way into leading US universities. When Joaquin Lim, CEO of AIEF, heard this news, a discussion began around this issue. It became clear to Joaquin that these families were looking for guidance in the very same way international students are often looking for in-country support and help. Often, though, international students get taken advantage of by local and overseas agencies making promises that always come with a high price tag.

A Call to Action

College Student

Many families spend thousands of dollars for help getting their student prepared and eventually enrolled and settled in a US university but do not have a trustworthy source for the help and guidance they need. Joaquin Lim is a firm believer that an excellent education can be found here in the United States and that international students should be able to trust someone to help them find it. AIEF’s long standing history of building international educational bridges prompted him to want to help; thus, in 2019, StudentAssistUSA was born.